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Vinyl Storage Ideas You Didn_t Know About

Living in a small apartment in town might make you feel like you sacrificed your sanity. But you can compensate for this feeling by adding some positive things to your room. First, you need a record player if you don’t have one. Next, you’ll need vinyl records to match up with your vinyl record player. And the next thing that runs through your mind is just how you’re going to fit a big vinyl collection in your small apartment. Therefore, you’ll need stylish vinyl storage solutions to keep your records safe and add a big smile to your face and room.


Almost everyone has that one room in their home where they stash everything they don’t want visitors to see. Most likely, this is where they neatly store away their vinyl records. Although this still serves the purpose, showing off your records to get the attention they deserve can be significant. The presence of vinyl will enhance your room and take you back in time. Presenting your vinyl records to blend into your room decor seamlessly takes effort and proper storage solutions. Look at that bookcase in your room filled with books and other reading materials. From now on, keep the books out and vinyl records in.

Filing Cabinets

Storing vinyls at uneven positions for a long time will distort their quality. You therefore need a storage piece with adequate space to let you keep your records upright. This is important to retain your vinyl’s mint condition. The vinyl storage unit by Tylko will come in handy. You should not only show off your vinyl records but also store them safely to retain their quality. Although filing cabinets are seemingly the odd option of vinyl storage, they are just the organizational companion you need.

Look All the Way Up

Hanging your vinyl from a ledge might be the last option you’d consider. However, not always looking for storage solutions in furniture and expanding into other alternative terrain territories will give you unlimited possibilities. The main idea behind floating shelves, wall frames, and wall stands is to use spaces that would otherwise be off-limits. If looked at with designer eyes, the structural beams crisscrossing your living room get a purpose other than the obvious load-carrying elements of your house.

Putting up a designer room sometimes demands effort and often going off-limits, but sometimes doing the obvious is all you need. Look around your house, and you’ll see something that should be done differently.

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